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How to Participate

Volunteers are always appreciated. Call and let us know what you want to do.  I look forward to meeting you.  If you want to volunteer, I will put you on "the" short list.  People on the list get called when there is a big task that requires multiple people.  But most hours are volunteered by workers calling and seeing what is happening during the following several days.  
There is always little things that you can do on your own schedule at the garden.  There are also larger projects that can be fabricated at home.  If you have the equipment we know where to find some boulders that would like a new home at the garden.
You do not need to commit to any more than you find satisfying. Hopefully, the garden will be a greenbelt icon and a source of satisfaction each time you see it in the future.
Contact Us to ask how you can help and be put on the volunteer list.
Edward Zaladonis
Call any time


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